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YOUtv by Black Collar 360 Media

Black Collar 360 media is a media outfit and Production Company that produces unique television, radio and online based content. Originally started out as Black Collar entertainment in 2004 as record label which released the then first various artiste compilation album “The Black Collar Project”. But has since rebranded into Black Collar 360Media in 2012 with new directors.
The Vision is To Be the Entertainment Gateway into Africa While Being World Class in our Expression.
Starting out with just a 30 minute show “Dizzy Spell” as its premier project in a Lagos based channel in 2010, buying airtime and seeking advertising/sponsorship it grew into a mini network of about 15 million viewers a few hours of different content in a few states across Nigeria every weekend called WOW Weekend.

We have since taken things to the next level starting “YOUtv Africa” the very first online television network app. It is a combination of 3 major functions:
* A full Television network which will have over 50 live channels.
* A Personal Mobile Cinema with a catalogue of movies on demand(Nollywood and Hollywood) for Africa and the globe.
* A world class live stream portal for major live realtime events like sports, comedy, musical events or a simple radio show that has a lot of online following. It is an avenue for influential individuals or event promoters to make extra revenue.

Screenshots (Android)

Below are prototype screenshots of the YOUtv apps to be developed:

Screenshots (iOS)

Below are prototype screenshots of the YOUtv apps to be developed:

Long Term

In the very near future we are looking to build world class movie studios in South Africa, Set up Film schools in parts of Africa, have Servers globally for trade and be the number 1 go to company for content for film, television, Cinema and mobile.
Our contents which stems as far out as, comedy, movies, fashion, music and entertainment and life style television are created out to Educate, Enlighten and Entertain Africans and the world in general on the levels of productivity, available potentials and rich lifestyle content from our unique perspective as our research showed that a large amount of Africans (in Nigeria and abroad) know little about Africa’s television and film development.
We know Africa, the people, it’s growing markets, the available potentials for film and television, the best possible medium to reach the people, and are part of those putting in hard work to move the continent forward as regards entertainment.
Thank you.
Wale “Dizzy” Akinjogbin
(Principal Partner)

YOUtv Africa

Launching Soon...

The YOUtv Africa app will be launched on both Play Store and App Store. 

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